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LBV150-4 & LBV200-4

LBV-4The benchmark MiniROV system setting the standard for small capable ROV systems.

150/200 Meters
150 Meters
4 x Brushless DC


LBV300-5Highly stable and powerful MiniROV system with dual vertical thruster configuration.

300 Meters
250-350 Meters
5 x Brushless DC

vLBV-10 "SeaLift"

vLBV-10Six vertical thrusters for heavy lifting (18kg) in a compact ROV system.

300/950 Meters
250-2,000 Meters
10 x Brushless DC


LBCThe true crawler hybrid MiniROV system with amazing stability and operating capability.

Max Current:
5+ Knots
Vortex 23kg f
Four-Wheel Drive
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News Headlines

LBV Utilized to Recover Drowning Victim in Lake Powell.
Teledyne SeaBotix LBV300-5 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), owned by the Maricopa County Sheriff's office, was added to the efforts of a multi-agency search and rescue team looking for a missing young man last seen diving off a cliff in Face Canyon, Lake Powell, Arizona. Not safe for divers due to rugged terrain and water depth, the ROV, equipped with video and imaging sonar, was deployed and captured images of the lake floor. The victimís body was discovered at a depth of 153 feet.
Read Article ( television)

Teledyne SeaBotix ROV Plays Key Role in Revealing a Newly Discovered Coral Reef.
During expeditions in the Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park in Australia, scientists utilized a Teledyne SeaBotix ROV to reveal spectacular reefs in habitats from 30-100 meters deep.  Home to rich and abundant marine ecosystems, this new discovery has been said to rival Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
Read Article (ECO World News Magazine)

Congratulations to the Winners of AUVSI RoboSub Competition 2015
Established by the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI), the AUVSI Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides students with hands-on robotics activities designed to fuel and sustain their interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). One of these activities is the Annual International RoboSub Competition which took place in San Diego from July 20 through the 26th. Teledyne Marine was a proud sponsor of the teams.  And the winners are:

1st Place: San Diego State University
2nd Place: National University of Singapore
3rd Place: Maritime State University
4th Place: California Institute of Technology
5th Place: University of Arizona
6th Place: Far Eastern Federal University
7th Place: Amador Valley High School

Navy Showing Off Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV to Coalition Forces in Arabian Gulf.
In a recurring multi-national exercise, the US Navy EOD technicians explain to members of the Royal Jordanian and United Arab Emirates navies how their Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV can enhance regional security and stability.
Read more> (dvids - Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System

Teledyne SeaBotix ROV Service & Repair Facility in Massachusetts.
Teledyne SeaBotix now has a service support and repair facility within parent organization, Teledyne Marine Systems, which is located in North Falmount, MA.

This facility includes approximately 67,000 square feet of manufacturing, engineering, test and administration resources. With several test tanks, significant technical infrastructure, and trained personnel available, Teledyne SeaBotix customers will now be able to choose factory level service and support locations on either coast of the United States.
Read press release>

Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV Assists Navy in the Recovery of a Missing Civilian Diver.
Collaborative efforts between the Guam Fire Dept., U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy were called to action to find a missing South Korean tourist who had been diving at the Blue Hole near Apra Harbor, Guam. A Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV300 ROV from the Navy dive team was deployed to assist in the search & recovery.  The ROV, equipped with sonar, tracking system and grabber, was needed to determine the position of the victim and then effect a recovery from a depth of 350 ft (106 m). Teledyne SeaBotix is honored to have played a part in providing closure for the victim’s family in such tragic circumstances.
Read article> (Product Design & Development)

Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV- Research Initiatives with Links to Life on Mars.
Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV ROV was utilized in a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Naval Post-Graduate School (NPS) research project which required the vLBV to operate under the ice of Pavilion Lake in British Columbia, Canada. Data was collected on rare microbialite structures on the lake floor.  More research is planned for Antarctica in hopes of providing links to possible life on Mars.
Read article> (Bridge River Liliooet News)

Leading the Way to Underwater Technology Solutions for the Nuclear Industry.
Three Teledyne SeaBotix vLBVs are providing nuclear industry solutions for James Fisher Nuclear Ltd. while operating in hazardous environments within storage ponds at the Sellafield nuclear facility in Northern England. Over 4500 Kg of waste material has been inspected and repositioned within storage ponds in over 200 hours of operations using vLBV300 ROVs fitted with specially designed grabber arm skids.
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Watch Video> ROV grabbing and lifting a cobalt 60 cartridge weighing approximately 5 Kg. (Courtesy of Sellafield Ltd & James Fisher Nuclear)

A New Era for SeaBotix.
The Teledyne Marine Systems group, leading providers of undersea vehicles and subsea infrastructure, announced that SeaBotix will join the Marine Systems group of companies.
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SeaBotix Showcased at The Maritime Alliance BlueTech & Blue Economy Summit.
SeaBotix was one of the participants in the 6th Annual BlueTech & Blue Economy Summit, organized by The Maritime Alliance and held on 12-13 November in San Diego. The Maritime Alliance is the cluster organizer for the San Diego maritime technology community and fosters maritime business and technology innovation through collaboration around the U.S. and the world.
Learn More> (Read U-T San Diego Article)

SeaBotix LBV Performed Inspections in Support of Emergency Action Plans for High Hazard Dams.
Pro-ROV Services, a San Diego based hydrographic imaging, inspection and survey company, used a SeaBotix LBV to perform three dam inspections for the Wyoming Safety of Dams section.
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SeaBotix vLBV Recovers Hydroplane Engine Cowling from Lake Washington.
Over 35 years ago, the cowling for The Squire Shop hydro accidentally blew off and into 50 m (165 ft) of water in the bottom of Lake Washington. A SeaBotix vLBV recovered this cowling and it is being used to enhanced The Squire Shop restoration efforts.
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U.S. Navy Divers Show Colombian Divers how to Operate SeaBotix LBV MiniROVs.
Navy divers from Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit Two (MDSU 2) are in Colombia working with divers from the Armada de la Rebublica de Colombia as part of Southern Partnership Station 2014. Training sessions include exercises with SeaBotix LBVs.

U.S. military teams work with partner nation forces during naval-focused training exercises, military-to-military engagements and community relations projects in an effort to enhance partnerships with regional maritime activities and improve the operational readiness of participants. 

Read more and watch video (Courtesy of Defense Video & Imagery Distribution Center)>

SeaBotix Utilizes the Power of SolidWorks 3D for Innovative Product Development and Enhancements. 
Client applications drive the design efforts at SeaBotix. Applying the science of underwater robotics to practical applications can present a host of challenges. SeaBotix utilizes SolidWorks 3D, a powerful design tool, to assist in taking client driven requirements and turning them into innovative robotic solutions. 
Watch video on how design ideas are brought to life (Courtesy of DS SolidWorks)>

Versatility of SeaBotix MiniROVs Featured in Design Daily - News for Design Engineers.
SeaBotix MiniROVs support a wide range of applications such as: maritime security, search & recovery, hull and pipeline inspection, hazardous environment intervention, aquaculture, sensor deployment and more.
Link to a pictorial tour of some of these applications (Courtesy of>

SeaBotix LBV Provides Exceptional Cost Effective Method for UT Testing.
Utilizing a customized SeaBotix LBV200-4 at Petromasila Oil Export Terminal, Yemen, AUS-ROV completed inspections over approximately 80% of the fire water tank’s base with random spot thickness checks.
Learn more)>

Teledyne to Acquire Bolt Technology Corporation.
Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY) (“Teledyne”) and Bolt Technology Corporation (NASDAQ:BOLT) (“Bolt”) jointly announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement that provides for the merger of Bolt with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teledyne.  Bolt Technology Corporation is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of marine seismic data acquisition equipment used for offshore oil and natural gas exploration. SeaBotix Inc., a subsidiary of Bolt Technology, will be included in this merger.
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SeaBotix LBV Breaks Pipeline Distance Inspection Record for Lake Erie Diving.
SeaBotix’ long-time client, Pat Murphy, President of Lake Erie Diving, reported a new personal distance record for internal pipe inspection with his SeaBotix LBV300XL.
Learn more)>

SeaBotix Thrusters Support Winners of RoboSub Competition.
A new generation of engineers compiled of college and some high school level students around the globe are challenged to design and build AUVs for the annual RoboSub competition. SeaBotix is proud to be a sponsor and pleased to discover that all the winning teams were equipped with SeaBotix thrusters.
Learn more)>

SeaBotix vLBV in Air-Deployed MCM Exercise.
The SeaBotix vLBV300 ROV was recently part of a ground breaking MCM test exercise put on by Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training and Evaluation Unit One (EODTEU ONE) in San Diego. Two small combat rubber raiding crafts (CRRC) containing the vLBV and an AUV were launched from a C-130 Aircraft via parachute to the ocean off Southern California and followed by a contingent of US Navy EOD technicians.
Learn more)>

Exploring History - SeaBotix ROV Enters and Records Interior of Gallipoli’s AE2 Submarine, Sunk Almost a Century Ago.
SeaBotix custom designed vLBV assisted the first archaeological expedition of Australian scientists and historians to enter and record the interior of the HMAS AE2 submarine lying in 72 meters of water.  The only entrance into the submarine was through the conning tower requiring a reduced footprint, but yet the payload capacity to carry a HD camera and ARIS multi beam sonar.  Once inside the goal was to capture as much data as possible to help recreate the story of the AE2.  A standard vLBV300 was also utilized to survey the exterior of the AE2 as well as install large cathodic protection pods.  The AE2, sitting on the floor of Turkey’s Sea of Mamara, was scuttled on April 30, 1915 after dodging Turkish mines and torpedoes for five days.
Read article and watch video (Sydney Morning Herald)>

SeaBotix Visited by UK's Leading Robotics and Autonomous Systems Startups.
In cooperation with The Maritime Alliance, SeaBotix was visited by an entrepreneur group of UK’s leading Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) startups. Their unique mission was designed to bring together the UK and US RAS sectors to share knowledge and help the UK firms lay the groundwork for expanding their robotics market. The group’s agenda covered over 20 events in San Diego, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
Learn more and watch video>

SeaBotix LBV Supports Anti-Flooding Efforts at Folsom Dam.
Pro-ROV Services, a San Diego based hydrographic imaging, inspection and survey company, utilized a SeaBotix LBV300-6 to inspect a 2,800 foot long turbidity curtain along the base of the spillway in the fore bay of the Folsom Dam.  The inspection project’s goal was to view and record each seam of the turbidity curtain to identify any missing portions and to see if the curtain was unaligned along the bottom.
Learn more>

SeaBotix LBV-300-5 Used for Deepwater Intervention at a Hydroelectric Dam.
Mainstream Commercial Divers, Inc. located in Murray, Kentucky, utilized a SeaBotix LBV300-5 MiniROV to perform an emergency inspection within the American Electric Power (AEP) Smith Mountain Dam located on the Roanoke River in Southwestern Virginia. The ROV was needed to locate and inspect the condition of a broken movable screen and cable, which are used during generation and then raised prior to pumping back through during times of low power need.  Their main concern was the ability to complete the repairs with the least risk to diving personnel.  Also, the hydroelectric power generation’s unplanned shut down was subject to large fines if not back up in a timely manner. 

The LBV inspection located the top of the moveable screen in about 130’ of water and the section of cable at a depth of about 170’ – maximum depth of the intervention was about 200’.  Mainsteam's team (part of an eleven man crew) also assisted with repairs, which included more ROV inspections and the usage of the LBV’s three jaw manipulator.  Using the SeaBotix MiniROV allowed the completion of the project with reduced mobilization time.  The efficiency led to a more timely method of getting the facility back in service.
Read article (Underwater Magazine)>

SeaBotix LBV-300-5 MiniROV - 4,000 Hours of Operation and Still Active.
Norway based ROVas, an underwater inspection and service company, continues to utilize a SeaBotix LBV300-5 that has logged over 4,000 hours. According to ROVas General Manager, Robert Olsen, SeaBotix MiniROVs provide a "very good, stable platform that is versatile for many applications and so easy to transport."
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SeaBotix vLBV - Providing the Nuclear Industry with Tools for Cost Effective Process Innovations.
James Fisher Nuclear (JFN), a leading provider of marine and engineering services, has added another SeaBotix vLBV to their equipment fleet. The MiniROV (that has key components coated with a specialized protective layer to withstand high pH conditions) is being used within the Sellafield nuclear site to supplement general visual inspections with new cost effective processing innovations.
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SeaBotix vLBV Sales Reach 100 Systems.
SeaBotix is extremely proud to announce 100 sales of its vectored Little Benthic Vehicle (vLBV). Launched in 2011, the vLBV was the brainchild of SeaBotix' Senior Vice President, Jesse Rodocker, whose vision was to address the subsea industry's need for a small, easily deployable, compact ROV with adjustable angle (vectored) thrusters in order to complement and advance the capability of the well-established SeaBotix ROV range in the offshore environment. The vLBV has become one of the best performing, most adaptable and fastest selling Observation Class ROVs on the market.
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Ashtead Technology Has Established a Distributor Agreement With SeaBotix.
At the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Ashtead Technology, an international subsea equipment specialist, announced a distributor agreement with SeaBotix Inc. for the sale and global rental of SeaBotix MiniROV systems.
Read article (>

Orca Maritime Recovers Deep Water Transponder Using a SeaBotix vLBV with Tritech SeaPrince Scanning Sonar.
Utilizing a SeaBotix vLBV300, equipped with high resolution Tritech SeaPrince sonar imagery, Orca Maritime successfully recovered an anchored deep water transponder valued in the tens of thousands of dollars.  There were three unsuccessful attempts to locate and recover the transponder before enlisting the assistance of Orca Maritime.
Within 16 minutes of free diving the vLBV off a live boat, Orca Maritime’s 3-man team, headed up by Chad Nelson, found and recovered the transponder at a depth of 721 ft (220 m). It had been supported by two buoys at 65 ft (20 m). The release was performed by cutting the line under the transponder using a SeaBotix cutting grabber attached to the ROV. Orca Maritime, located in Imperial Beach, California, specializes in underwater imagery and data collection using ROVs, AUVs and divers.  Services are provided by small teams with portable equipment, resulting in rapid-response, low-cost operations.
Watch video (Courtesy of Orca Maritime)>

SeaBotix vLBVs Dive into the Frozen Depths of the Arctic to Produce Vivid Footage of the Most Northern Shipwreck.
At the request of the Royal Canadian Navy, SeaBotix vLBVs and the ROV expertise of co-founder Jesse Rodocker accompanied an expedition of the Joint Task Force North Operation Nunalivut.  The team combined air force, army and navy and braved the arctic cold to explore the historic sunken HMS Breadalbane.

It had been over 31 years since the last filming of the shipwreck.  SeaBotix vLBVs, equipped with a wide selection of sensors, captured extensive HD footage as well as priceless imaging and profiling sonar data.  The Breadalbane, a wooden vessel with three masts, sunk off Beechey Island in the Northwest Passage in 1853.
Read article and watch video (National>

SeaBotix LBV on CNN - Demonstrating Underwater People Searches.
SeaBotix LBV300-5 was featured on CNNís Anderson Cooper 360 demonstrating how robotics can be used to assist in underwater searches for people such as the ones aboard the South Korean ferry disaster. Rhonda Moniz, SeaBotix Sales Engineer, piloted the ROV around a sunken shrimp boat to demonstrate how the SeaBotix MiniROV can search in low visibility and in tight spaces to find and retrieve objects and human bodies.
Watch video>

Centuries Old Natural Oyster Reefs Discovered Via Underwater Images Transmitted from a SeaBotix LBV200-4 MiniROV.
A pristine natural oyster reef was discovered on the heavily developed Lafayette River in Virginia.  David Schulte, an ecologist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Russell Burke, a Christopher Newport University biology professor, captured the video using a SeaBotix LBV200-4 MiniROV. A sight not seen around the Chesapeake Bay in decades, said Schulte. The rivers had been closed to oyster harvesting since 1934 because of bacteria problems. According to, 10 reefs ranging from 3 to 17 acres were identified.
Read article (>

SeaBotix Opens New Dedicated Training Facility.
SeaBotix is proud to announce the expansion of its San Diego based training facility. This new self-contained training center is conveniently located on the waterfront adjacent to the SeaBotix dock, allowing for quicker and easier access to the harbor and open water training area.
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SeaBotix LBV Keeps Divers Out of Harm's Way During Deep-Water Inspections.
Glenn Underwater Services repairs an underwater concrete joint leak in South America and inspects an underwater trash rack utilizing a SeaBotix LBV200-4.
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Remotely Operated Robots to Open the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
SeaBotix employee, Mechanical Designer – Jonathan Jack, mentors  an award winning high school robotics team that will be part of the opening and closing festivities of the this year’s  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Learn more>

SeaBotix vLBV Turns Archeological Exploration of Shipwrecks of the Baltic into a Virtual Classroom.
SeaBotix vLBV300 MiniROV assists Action Quest in the development of the hands-on component of their underwater archeology curriculum.
Learn more>

SeaBotix vLBV300 Identifies Sunken Ferry at Jirau Hydropower Plant, Brazil.
Utilizing a SeaBotix vLBV300, equipped with sonar and tracking devices, a team from Energia Sustentável do Brasil (ESBR) was able to identify and locate a sunken passenger ferry in the Medeira River.
Learn more>

SeaBotix vLBV Demonstrations in New York City, November 4-7, 2013.
SeaBotix is pleased to announce advanced MiniROV demonstrations throughout New Yok City during the week of November 4, 2013. Swift moving currents in the Hudson and East Rivers pose challenges that are unique to any ROV deployment. Since the release of the evolutionary new vectored vLBV Series of MiniROVs in 2011, SeaBotix has been redefining the capability levels of compact, man-portable ROV systems. This week of demonstrations seek to apprise clients, in this vital region, of leading-edge advances in ROV, sonar and underwater positioning technologies. Additionally, this trip to the Big Apple will help connect East Coast clients with the new SeaBotix East office that opened earlier this year in Fall River, Massachusetts. Please contact to make arrangements to attend the demos and for East Coast sales & service.

SeaBotix MiniROVs Used During Historical D-Day Mapping Expedition.
SeaBotix vLBV and LBV MiniROVs investigated and identified targets during the internationally supported 70th anniversary of WWII D-Day Invasion expedition.
Learn more>

SeaBotix LBV300-5 Recovers Drowning Victim in Guizhou Province, China.
Zunyi and Guiyang Fire staff and officials, with the assistance of a SeaBotix LBV300-5 operated by a Sales Engineer/Trainer, recovered a drowning victim during “real world” training.  The high elevation of about 1,275 meters (4,183 ft) presented a search depth limitation to divers. SeaBotix trainer and LBV300-5 were rerouted from a scheduled training session to the site. Two devices equipped on the MiniROV assisted in the completion of the recovery. Tritech Gemini sonar was utilized to locate the victim, then a Large Interlocking Grabber Jaw gently secured the victim’s wrist.
Learn more>

SeaBotix Thrusters Used in MORPH European Consortium Sea Trials.
A team of researchers from five European countries and nine research organizations conducted AUV sea trials aimed at providing proficient methods of 3D complexity undersea mapping in challenging environments.
Learn more>

SeaBotix SARbot Assists Franklin County Sheriff's Office in Finding Moorings at the Bottom of the Columbia River.
The Franklin Country Sheriff’s Office volunteered its SeaBotix SARbot search-and-rescue vehicle to help find existing moorings at the bottom of the Columbia River.
Learn more>

SeaBotix Tether Used by FIT Senior Design Team.
The Senior Design Team at the Florida Institute of Technology completed a successful ROV rebuild project. They were able to deploy the ROV off the coast of Ft. Pierce with the help of small diameter, low drag tether donated from SeaBotix Inc..
Learn more>

SeaBotix vLBV Used by Navy Expeditionary Combat Forces in Bahrain.
Commander of U.S. Naval Forces receives briefing on SeaBotix vLBV MiniROV during a display of capabilities of Commander, Task Force 56.
Learn more>

SeaBotix Hosting On-Site Events - 23, 24, 25 September 2013.
SeaBotix will be hosting Client Appreciation-Open Houses on Tuesday, 24 September and Wednesday, 25 September - including bayside in-water demos and ROV piloting opportunities. Visit SeaBotix Booth #507 at Oceans13 or email for further information.

Oceans13 Tutorials are also being held at SeaBotix facility in San Diego and can be attended without registering for the full conference. Topics include: Advances in ROV Technologies, High Resolution Sonar Imagery, Underwater Positioning Systems, and Unmanned UW & Surface Vehicles (UUSV).
Further tutorial details and to register, go to:

SeaBotix LBV Assists Shelby County, Tennessee, with Recovery of the Body of a Bulldozer Accident Victim.
A bulldozer plunged over an estimated 25 foot embankment into a 35 foot deep muddy pond at the Ford Construction's Troy plant. The recovery operation of the Obion County Rescue Squad along with dark water divers from Shelby County Sheriff's Office was hampered by zero visibility conditions. A SeaBotix LBV MinROV with video and sonar was used to assist with the search. After less than 24 hours, the body of Joe D. Trevathan was located in 6 to 8 feet of murky water and recovered
Read article (Weakley County Press))>

SeaBotix LBV Assists in Environmental Research of Historical Significance
SeaBotix LBV used to obtain video and sonar images of sunken tugboat damaged by hurricane Sandy.
Professor Pete
Straub from Richard Stockton College lead an expedition off the coast of New Jersey to explore the ‘natural’ shipwreck reefs to better understand how the nearly artificial reefs will grow and change. Students are taught how to use technology, including side scan sonar and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). This day, the Patrice McAllister, a tugboat that has been under 55 feet of water since 1976, was their target object. They sent down a SeaBotix LBV with video camera and sonar to see what was left of the tugboat and discovered that the hurricane had taken a formerly three-tiered boat, underwater and upright for almost 37 years, down to one tier.
Read article (>

Washington State DOT - 3 Days - 3 Bridges - 1 SeaBotix vLBV
Washington State Department of Transportation recently performed successful inspections of 3 bridges over 3 days and completed on-site acceptance testing of a SeaBotix vLBV.
Learn more>

SeaBotix Welcomes Alasdair Murrie
Alasdair Murrie has joined San Diego based SeaBotix Inc as the Vice President of Sales. He brings direct experience working with Observation Class ROVs as the former Sales Manager then Global Product Director at Forum Subsea Technologies, Sub-Atlantic. Born in Elgin, Scotland, Alasdair is a veteran of the Royal Air Force where he completed a distinguished 22 year career including service throughout the first Gulf War and deployment on the San Diego based USS Nimitz. Subsequent to his military ventures, Alasdair was the global Distribution Manager at Sonavision (a leader in the fields of seabed classification, imaging sonar and other subsea sensors.)

"I am really excited about this opportunity," said Alasdair, "and so pleased to be joining such a a talented group of people, manufacturing and exporting the world's leading compact ROVs. Don Rodocker is one of the true legends in the subsea business and therefore, to be a part of the SeaBotix team is for me, a real privilege."

SeaBotix Opens New North American East Coast Office
San Diego based SeaBotix is pleased to announce the opening of a new North American office in Fall River, Massachusetts. The new facility space opened 1 July 2013 at the Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. 

“We are very excited about this new opening,” said SeaBotix President, Rick Timm. “It will provide greater East Coast support to our valued customers in the areas of training, service and sales. We are lucky to have skilled ROV Pilot and Trainer, Rhonda Moniz, leading these efforts on the East Coast. The addition of this new facility, along with our worldwide network of distributors, demonstrates SeaBotix’ continued commitment to offer unparalleled pre and post-sale customer support.”  

MDSU1 Sailors Demonstrate SeaBotix LBV to Royal Malaysian Navy
Kuantan, Malaysia - Sailors assigned to Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 1, demonstrated the capabilities of the SeaBotix LBV to the Royal Malaysian divers aboard the diving and salvage vessel USNS Safeguard during a dive and salvage training exercise in support of Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) Malaysia 2013. CARAT is a series of bilateral military exercises between the U.S. Navy and the armed forces of Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Timor Leste.
See photos - courtesy of U.S. Navy - MC1 Joy M Kirch-Kelling>

SeaBotix vLBV300 Finds Fake Mine
The Ventura County Star reported that a SeaBotix vLBV300 discovered a fake mine hidden as part of a military exercise at Naval Base Ventura County Port Hueneme.
See photo>

SeaBotix LBV Recovers Remus AUV in 137 Meters of Water
According to reports by Engineered Syntactic Systems, a Hydoid Remus 600 (one of just two in operation at the time - valued at nearly $1 million) was lost. A SeaBotix LBV300-5, operated by the Australian Navy, located and recovered the AUV within two days.
Watch video>

SeaBotix LBV Found After 18 Months in Ocean
SeaBotix LBV was recently recovered after spending 18 months on the seafloor when the tether was severed and the vehicle thought lost.
Learn more>

SeaBotix Held Milestone-Training Sessions
ROV operators acknowledge value of SeaBotix training in three concurrent courses in three separate locations during the same week.
Learn more>

SeaBotix Little Benthic Vehicles featured at ISDEF 2013 in TelAviv
SeaBotix displayed a range of MiniROVs used by divers to scan vessels, protecting from leach mines and underwater IEDs. The systems are already operational with the US, Canadian, Swedish and Russian navies.
Read 2013:Unmanned Systems & Robotics Article

SeaBotix Live in-Water Demo at Ocean Business 13, UK
Join us for a dockside demo of the vLBV300 vectored miniROV system featuring the Sound Metrics ARIS HD sonar "3D perception through 2D data" and a Tritech suite of Micron sensors. Tuesday 9 April at 12:30 p.m. and Wednesday 10 April at 3 p.m. Visit our Booth B2
Learn more about the vLBV300

vLBV-10 SeaLift unveiled at Underwater Intervention
Further enhancing the SeaBotix line of MiniROV systems is the new heavy lifting vLBV-10 or "SeaLift". A capacity to lift up to 18kg and transport using four additional vertical thrusters.
Learn more about the vLBV-10

Franklin County Sheriff's Dept. Recovers More Vehicles
Franklin County Sheriff's department used their SARbot to locate submerged and possibly stolen vehicles in Mesa Pond.
Read Tri-City Herald Article

Merced County Sheriffs Department Recovers Body in 120ft
The body of a man that jumped from a 150ft high bridge on Lake Don Pedro was recovered by Merced County Sheriffs department using their LBV300-5 with Gemini and Grabber.
Read Merced Sun Star Article>

ROV based HD sonar enables realtime 3D perception
The latest combination of the stable/powerful vLBV300 ROV platform with the ARIS HD sonar from Sound Metrics incorporating roll has produced a new solution that enables 3D perception.
Learn more>

Sound Metrics ARIS sonar available on vLBV300
The newest ultra high resolution multibeam sonar from Sound Metrics is now available on the vLBV300. A unique approach to 3D perception is created with the pitch/roll sonar skid.
Learn more>

Kongsberg Mesotech sonars available on vLBV/LBV300-5
Legendary sonar manufacturer Kongsberg has teamed with SeaBotix to produce a highly capable compact ROV system with amazing scanning sonar.
Learn more>

US Navy EOD conducts explosives training with LBV in Bahrain
Members from the US Navy EODMU-1, 11 and 12 train on use of providing countermeasures with the LBV300-5.
View photos and captions (DVIDS)

Bergen County Police debuts new LBV200-4
Bergen County Police recently acquired a new LBV200-4 system for body and weapons search capabilities.
Read article (

SARbot UK assists with search for missing boy
UK based SARbot team helps local authorities searching for a four year old missing boy using hi-tech equipment.
Read article (

SeaBotix collaborates with Canadian Navy at RIMPAC 2012
SeaBotix assisted the Royal Canadian Navy onboard their vessels during the RIMPAC 2012 Naval exercises.
Learn more>

SeaBotix and US Navy EOD help with Operation Clean Sweep
SeaBotix and US Navy EOD divers helped to locate, identify and recover debris from the ocean floor.
Learn more>

Franklin County Recovers Body with SARbot
The body of a person missing since December, 2011 was found and recovered using the SARbot.
Learn more>

Orca Maritime Recovers Experimental AUV with vLBV300
SeaBotix client Orca Maritime recovered an experimental AUV in 200 meters of water offshore from San Clemente.
Learn more>



SeaBotix is a proud Corporate Member of:


SAVERThe System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders is an excellent resource for impartial data regarding a wide variety of equipment. As a government employee (.gov/.mil) detailed reports are available. Click on the logo for the ROV evaluation.

SARbotWorld's first and foremost cold water drowning rapid response rescue system.

150 Meters
150-250 Meters
4 x Brushless DC


vLBVVectored MIniROV with exceptional power to drag, stability and available suite of sensors.

300 Meters
250-2,000 Meters
6 x Brushless DC


vLBVIncreased depth capability in the highly acclaimed compact MiniROV layout.

950 Meters
500-1,250 Meters
6 x Brushless DC


vLBCThe vLBC tracked crawler hybrid for increased capability and versatility.

Max Current:
5+ Knots
Vortex 28kg f
Tracked Drive


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